Strength Capital has a highly-targeted investment strategy and is known for its flexible and opportunistic approach to deal structuring. In all investments, Strength Capital strives to achieve the following.

  • Buy and build


We seek to grow and diversify our businesses via acquisition. The integration of several small, concentrated businesses into a large, diversified, resilient organization can create tremendous value. We have successfully executed this strategy in several portfolio companies, combining Strength Capital's transaction and financial expertise with our management team's operating expertise.

  • Customer focus / customer service


We target businesses that are market driven, understand the customer's needs, and have a thorough grasp of industry trends. We emphasize maintaining and improving customer focus/ customer service at our portfolio companies during our investment.

  • Improved competitive positioning


We seek to improve the product and/or service offering of our portfolio companies to help solidify and differentiate their competitive position. We will invest in new product development and pursue business combinations to achieve this goal.

  • Full partnership


We support management while providing the autonomy to run the business. We align incentives by ensuring management has an ownership interest and incentive compensation linked to sound performance.

  • Flexible approach to deal structuring


For both initial platform investments and add-on acquisitions, we listen to the needs of business owners and creatively structure a fair deal for all parties.


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